The Pharrell x Chanel x Adidas HU NMD

Renowned Parisian boutique Colette held an in-store event to celebrate the launch of the Pharrell x Chanel x adidas Hu NMD, which retailed for 1,000 EUR with a rumoured 500 pieces produced.

The private event was attended by the likes of Pharrell himself (obviously), as well as Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld, Justin Timberlake, legendary graffiti artist and designer Futura 2000, and others. Pharrell was seen sporting a customized pair of the highly limited and highly expensive NMDs, which featured slogans like “WOMEN’S RIGHTS” and “OTHERS FIRST,” as well as a signature by Futura on the Boost midsole.

Following its launch earlier today, some pairs have already been rumoured to fetch over £8000. 

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