The New Bentley Mulliner Bacalar

Bentley unveils £1.5 million roofless car finished with 5,000-year-old wood trim.

Only 12 of these cars have been made and have already been presold to customers, who will work with Bentley's Mulliner division to select bespoke colours and fabrics.

The Bacalar is a Barchetta, a type of open car with no roof whatsoever. (The word means "little boat" in Italian.) There's not even a removable cloth top. So, in the event of rain, the Bacalar would be best served by staying in the garage.

The all-wheel drive car is powered by a 650 horsepower 12-cylinder engine and it has an eight-speed transmission. The Bacalar is named after a lake in Mexico's Yucatan peninsula known for its beauty. While it bears some resemblance to the convertible Bentley Continental GTC, the Bacalar shares none of its body parts with that car besides the door handles, Bentley said.

The black wood interior trims made from trees that have been naturally preserved for more than 5,000 years in the rivers, lakes and peat bogs of East Anglia in the United Kingdom. The process of digging the wood dug up from the earth, drying in carefully controlled conditions to prevent decay while preserving its natural look gives it the distinct black colour. This is one of the cars sustainable features, as well as the paint which is made using rice husk ash, a byproduct of industrial rice production. The ash is used to make a substance that gives the paint its sparkle.

Instead of the usual silver colour, the badges on the Bentley Bacalar are made from dark bronze with black titanium detailing. The Bacalar is intended to be the first in a new line of very rare, highly customised cars that will be produced for a handful of ultra-wealthy customers. 

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