Introducing Ming Ray

When she was 8 years old, she saw John Galliano's first collection for Dior on TV. So touched by its beauty, that was the moment she knew she wanted to be a designer. Creating breathtaking beauty became her lifelong dream and mission ever since.

Ming Ray was born in China and lived there till she was 14 years old before  moving to Singapore. In 2011 she moved to London and studied at London College of Fashion then honed her skills at Alexander McQueen and later at Jimmy Choo. Those great brands taught her the essentials of luxury craftsmanship, particularly the manufacturing arts that can still be found today in Italy.  She also discovered something else about herself: she still loves playful cuteness with the same passion she did as a child.

Her vision is that the two are not incompatible: she makes luxury handbags with every signature of the finest Italian craftsmanship, and you will also find details that will bring you back to the girl you once were as you make your mark in the world, full of your sophisticated confidence.

“Haute Cute” has since become the concept of her luxury designer label Ming Ray, it offers you all of the refinement and elegance of luxury made by master artisans in Italy but then that touch of lighthearted innocence that every sophisticated woman still carries in her.

The Luxury Shopper is proud to welcome Ming Ray to its offering. You can shop the range here.

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