The $1,000,000 Bag!

This is the Millionaire Speedy bag designed by Pharrell for Louis Vuitton and that's right its $1,000,000!

The bag is made in crocodile leather and comes in 5 different colours. Want to buy it? Well you probably can't, because it's MTO meaning made to order and is specifically for special VIP clients.

So, what do you think? Are people actually going to buy this or has this been priced this to create hype.


What a waste of human energy

Quentin Woofrow April 02, 2024

Created to cause comment and sensation. It is in fact very ugly and an example of LV’s flashy taste. Why cover the crocodile surface with LV logo’s? Bling on bling, it debases its carrier.

Cath Kerry December 01, 2023

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