Moncler and RIMOWA Create "REFLECTION" Luggage

Moncler and RIMOWA reunite for "REFLECTION" luggage with scrolling LED ticker light with custom messages.

RIMOWA has been an industry leader in premium suitcases for decades, we all recognise the classic aluminium shell suitcase rolling through the airport. Since Alexandre Arnault took over as the fresh 27-year-old CEO, the brand has launched several contemporary partnerships. Collaborations with brands like Dior and AWAKE NY have helped the suitcase stay fresh and an extremely desirable travel essential.

The label has just announced their latest partnership: a collaboration with luxury clothing brand Moncler. Together they have produced RIMOWA’s most innovative suitcase yet. This new partnership is actually the third time the brands have collaborated, previously working together in 2013 and 2016.

“REFLECTION” is a cutting-edge suitcase inspired by RIMOWA’s Original Cabin. The front of the suitcase has an LED displayed like a stock ticker. The text on the screen can be customised on the “REFLECTION” app so each owner can have a unique display message. The shiny mirror-like finish highlights both RIMOWA’s signature aluminium shells and Moncler’s glistening down jackets. Moncler’s logo is featured in the front and back of the case highlighting the dual branding.

Complementing the case are matte black handles and an internal silver packing cube inner which is finished in Moncler’s padded nylon. It also comes with a dark grey luggage tag and belt. 

Moncler and RIMOWA’s “REFLECTION” suitcase is set to launch in June 2020 in a limited quantity globally.

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